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Based on State and Board of Regents policies, Columbus State University has four methods of making purchases: 1) Purchase Orders, 2) Check Requests, 3) State of Georgia approved P-Cards, and 4) petty cash.
  • PO Dollar Amount Documentation Required with Requisition Approval Process
    • $0 to $9,999.99 None – may be purchased at the discretion of the end user using sound business practices. .
    • $10,000 to $24,999.99 Attach 3 quotes or justification for procuring without 3 quotes, i.e. Sole source, item only available from 2 distributors, etc. Procurement will review the requisition and documentation, obtain any additional forms required by federal requirements, and will release PO to vendor after all requirements satisfied.
    • $25,000 or greater Specifications for competitive bidding, sole brand justification if only one brand will meet the need, sole source justification if only one vendor can provide the item needed. The Purchasing Department will review the requisition and documentation, post according to State regulations, and will release PO to vendor after all requirements are satisfied.
      • Purchases over $25,000 must be competitively bid if the purchases are non-exempt and do not already fall under an existing University (Agency) or Statewide Contract.
  • Goods or services may also be ordered utilizing University contracts that may have already been bid and awarded by the Purchasing Department for that particular category of items needed.
  • Orders placed using University and Statewide contracts are not subject to any of the dollar limits mentioned above.

Purchasing of Goods or Services With a Contract

A Purchase Order is a contract, and a Terms and Conditions document is provided with each purchase order that is sent to a supplier. When suppliers accept a purchase order, they are in effect accepting the University's offer to purchase services and goods under the terms and conditions outlined therein, unless a separate contract is negotiated and executed by both parties and incorporated as part of the purchase order contract.

University contracts that have already been bid and awarded by the Purchasing Department for commodities that are routinely needed for the University's operation can also be utilized by any department. Departments may also utilize contracts that have been bid and awarded by the Department of Administrative Services for Statewide contracts. Orders placed using University contracts and Statewide contracts are not subject to dollar limits.

Please note that if a Contract is required by the Supplier in order to perform the service, then the Office of General Counsel must review and approve the proposed contract. If the desired service is being procured from a University, Board of Regents, or Statewide Contract, then review from the Office of General Counsel is not needed, unless customizations and/or modifications to the contracted service is required to successfully accomplish what is required for the University. A Contract Approval Routing Form must be executed prior to signing any contract that is not already approved for use by CSU, Board of Regents, or the Department of Administrative Services.

If the cost of the contracted services is $2,500 or more, then e-Verify form is required. Other potential documents and requirements may be needed as well, depending upon the type of services needed and the dollar value of the contract.