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Welcome to the CSU's eProcurement & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace web page. This web page has been designed to serve as a one-stop resource that can assist you in understanding the new online procurement system project being sponsored by The University System of Georgia. Use the links below to navigate to the desired section to add to your understanding of eProcurement & GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace.

What is eProcurement and GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace

eProcurement (ePro) is a module in PeopleSoft that has a primary function of creating electronic requisitions and routing them for approval to all respective parties. 

The GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace is an online shopping site that is accessed from PeopleSoft Financials. Through this online shopping site, users can shop online for contract items from a variety of state and institution approved vendors, including Staples, Grainger, Fastenal, Zep, VWR International,and Fischer Scientific. Shoppers can select items by placing them in an online shopping cart. They assign these shopping carts to a designated requester when ready, and the requester then turns their shopping cart into an ePro requisition.

How Does eProcurement and GeorgiaFIRST Marketplace Differ From Past Methods

Previously, you may have used paper requisitions (Excel), or some other form, to request an item to be purchased. That hardcopy requisition then had to be routed for multiple approvals and then sent to the Purchasing Office. The Purchasing Office then re-keyed the same information into PeopleSoft to create a Purchase Order to send to the supplier.

With eProcurement, much of approval process is completely automated. A requisition is created within eProcurement and then electronically routed through the approval process. The approval process time is dependent on the department financials and item type(s), among other things. Finally, after the last electronic approval is made, the requisition is sourced into an official Purchase Order by the Purchasing Office.  After a requisition is sourced into a Purchase Order, the Purchasing Office will submit the Purchase Order to the requested supplier.

eProcurement Training and Guidance

eProcurement Budget Errors