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Vice President for Business & Finance

Vice President for Business & Finance

Columbus State University Policies

The CSU Policy Website is designed to help you locate CSU policies, governing documents, handbooks, and other operational procedures or instructions. While this website strives to help you locate relevant policies and procedures, it is a work-in-progress and does not contain an exhaustive list of CSU policies.

Please direct all questions related to a policy to its department. Any questions or comments about, or suggestions for, this website should be directed to

Columbus State University is also governed by policies from outside the institution. Some sources of these outside polices are:

The Board of Regents

DOAS Purchasing

DOAS Risk Management

The policies, handbooks, documents, and procedures located through this website do not imply or establish a contract between Columbus State University and the user. Columbus State University retains the right to change, modify, suspend, interpret or cancel in whole or in part of the published or unpublished policies, handbooks, or procedures of Columbus State University, without advance notice, in its sole discretion, without having to give cause or justification to any user.